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                                                                                    - Auxi-Le-Chateau is located between Arras and Amiens.

Nine different routes allow you access to our pleasant town, ideally located 40 kilometers from the sea.The river Authie, which borders the village can be ascended or descended in canoe-kayak or by foot by the many paths that surround it.

The valley, the woods and other rivers that make the environment of the inhabitants of Auxi-le-Château so pleasant to live in for centuries is consistent with the picture "Old France" that characterizes the region so well!

For a weekend or a few days ...

To relax or entertain yourselves...

Or just to have a nice time:  Welcome to French Dressing !

Gilian and Albert, two lovers of the region

« Pas-de-Calais » will warmly welcome

you in their house ...